Quick Post: The Closest One Can Get To Mason Jars in Divisoria

24 Sep


This is just a quick post about the kinds of jars that are available in Divisoria.

My friend actually chanced upon this blog because she was looking for mason jars to use as decorations for her cousin’s wedding.

The bad news is that, so far, I have not seen any mason jars in Binondo. I’ve only ever seen them in malls and department stores, and they go for quite a lot.

Pinterest-users would know that mason jars are the modern-day bride or homemaker’s answer to making cute, rustic decor. The reason Americans use them a lot is because they’re ridiculously cheap. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

If you want to stick with the spirit of (cheap) mason jars, I recommend you go to the corner of Tabora and M. De Santos and look at the stalls on the street. Tip: The stores that sell jars usually also sell some abaca products, paper boxes and other cute things.

I purchased the jars in the photo above for P50 and P40 (P50 for the large ones, P40 for the smaller ones). I believe they’ll go down to P30 if you buy a lot. They’re still not dirt cheap, but they are brand new and good quality. I especially liked the milk bottle. I actually spray-painted it and used it as a vase:


Now, if you have a budget to stick to, and you’re crafty enough to make them look just as nice, I suggest you use those jars with plastic lids, which are available across the old Divisoria Mall on M. De Santos:


These sell for only P4-P6. They’re cheaper than the brand-new, metal-lid ones, and they’re definitely much cheaper than any mason jars you’ll find.

Good luck!


Great news, Pinteresting people! Mason jars are now available in Divisoria. Many stalls in 168 sell them (the same stalls that sell all kinds of knock-off Starbucks mugs, etc), and they’re also readily available on Tabora Street.

The price of a standard-sized one was P60, but that wasn’t wholesale. I’m assuming you can get it down to P40 (or less for the smaller sizes).

I’m putting below photos of things I found along Tabora Street, including mason jars:

divisoria mason jars

divisoria mason jars

rustic bags

rustic bags

native hats

native hats

all kinds of baskets, from P25-P200

all kinds of baskets, from P25-P200

adorable wooden mini-clothespins

adorable wooden mini-clothespins, and colored sand for DIY projects

giant paper mache letters (all sizes available)

giant paper mache letters (all sizes available)

Another edit [4/24/2015]: Sin Kian Heng in Quiapo also has the same jars that they sell in Divi. You can reach SKH at any of these numbers: 7332133, 7336381, 7332129, 7332131, 09178111922

They’re pretty hard to contact, though, but at least you can call in advance (unlike the stores in Divi). They also deliver if you order huge quantities 🙂 Good luck!


Featured Store: Jinhung Bijou Art, Inc.

27 Jul

I know I previously featured Anding’s and called it party-planning central (which I still stand by), but I found THE shop for artificial flowers. Well, at least I assume it must be, because this place was huge.

Here’s the info:

Name: Jinhung Bijou Art, Inc.

Location: 715-717 Ylaya Street, Binondo

Telephone numbers: 245-6371; 245-6372

Telefax number: 245-6872

Email address: bijouart@pldtdsl.net

Contact person: May-Ann (she was really nice)

This store had all kinds of flowers. Rather than tell you about it, I’ll just show you in pictures:

2013-07-26 16.36.36


2013-07-26 16.36.38


2013-07-26 16.36.42


2013-07-26 16.36.47


2013-07-26 16.36.52


2013-07-26 16.37.01


2013-07-26 16.37.07


2013-07-26 16.37.12


2013-07-26 16.37.18



Another interesting thing about this place was that they do arrangements for you, and charge between 10-20% of the cost of the flowers you buy (depending on the quantity that you buy). These people also really seemed to know more about arranging flowers (moreso than the other stores with artificial flowers that I chanced upon).

Hope this helps! Happy bargain-hunting!

Wedding Supplier Finds in 168 Mall

27 Jul

I chanced upon two wedding suppliers who I thought were unique when I was walking near Robinson’s Supermarket in 168. I thought I’d share them with you.

#1: My Wedding Options

This place was unique because it was basically a “one-stop shop” for all wedding needs.

The girls there were really nice and happy to answer all my questions. They handed me fliers for ALL kinds of suppliers, including sound system providers, caterers, car rental companies, hair and make up artists, event managers, musicians, photographers, videographers, and bakeshops that make wedding cakes.

This is what the place looked like:




Now what REALLY caught my attention was this: CUSTOM-MADE SHOES. I’ve always wanted shoes made just for me, and I finally found people who do it! Take a look:



You can go to their Facebook page for more information: My Wedding Options on Facebook

#2: Jannah & Keith Fashion Boutique

I don’t even have pictures of the place (I had the feeling they weren’t allowed), but I HAD to include this here. I have seen many seamstresses and many gowns around Divisoria, but these were, by far, the classiest and best quality. The seams were perfect, the designs were timeless, and, best of all, Cherry Beruela, the proprietress and seamstress herself (though of course she has a team), was SO nice. Apparently she worked for a designer before, and that’s why she takes great pride in the quality of her work. She said the cheapest bridal gown she ever made was P6,500, and the most expensive so far has been P30,000. I asked her why her gowns were so much more expensive than the P3,000-P12,000 ones in the area, and she explained that she makes the gowns herself and so she can vouch for their quality. She took the time to show me the seams and everything, and I was honestly very impressed.

Luckily, her made-to-order “bridesmaid gowns” (or flower girl or sponsor gowns… or just any gowns, if you’re looking for something for a wedding you’re attending) start at just P1,500. Most of the ones she had on display were made of chiffon. Obviously, the price will vary depending on the fabric you choose.

Also, another plus of Cherry’s store is that it’s located in a clean, nice, open, safe area in Divisoria. I doubt you’d want to bring your whole bridal party to a stall in Ylaya (if you are — good for you, that’s awesome!). So here’s (what I think is) a better alternative. I’m definitely going back to Cherry when I want to get a dress made.

Here is the store’s information:

Location: 168 Shopping Mall Stall LGE-05 (near Robinson’s Supermarket)

Email: cherryberuela@yahoo.com

Telephone number: 881-0147

Mobile numbers: 0917-747-0647; 0999-373-4488

Hope this info is useful!

Random Finds on Juan Luna

27 Jul

Because I’ve become less organized about my bargain-mapping of Divisoria, I’ve decided to just list a few of the stores with interesting products along Juan Luna.

What you can find on Juan Luna that you may not be able to find anywhere else:

#1: Fishing Supplies

Now this doesn’t just include hooks and wire, it includes nets, life vests, lifesavers, hard hats (don’t ask), coolers… Basically everything fishing. Check out this one store:





#2: Candles

I found an awesome store that sells ALL kinds of candles, and managed to sneak a picture before the lady told me it wasn’t allowed. But they seriously have TONS of candles, as well as everything you’d need to make candles! Here’s the info of the store:

Name: Gody Wax Center (Your One-stop Shop for All Your Candle-Making Needs)

Location: 740 Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila

Telephone number: 42-1840 to 42

Products: paraffin wax & other physically/chemically converted waxes; oil coloring; candle wicks; candle holders (glass, ceramics, resins, etc.); artificial flowers; oil perfumes; candle molds; candles




They seriously had all kinds of scents (green tea, cranberry, cucumber, rose, Dove, Downy, lemon, lime, lilac, cookies, cotton, citronella, “honesty,” pineapple, sampaguita were just a FEW of the ones I saw on their list).

They charged P8.50/piece or P35/dozen for 1″ tall tea lights. They also had “3 Day” candles for P50/each and those were already encased in glass.


#3: Upholstery Centers

Here’s the info on one of the stores I found:

Name: Transworld Canvas & Upholstery Center, Inc.

Location: 791-793 Juan Luna Street

Telephone number: 242-1642; 241-8061

Fax: 241-8055

Mobile numbers: 0915-637-0211 (Globe); 0999-935-1570 (Smart)

WEBSITE: www.transworldcanvas.com

According to their website, they have: awning fabric, bag accessories, carpet, foam, grommet, insulation, linoleum, man made leather, nets, non woven fabric, nylon cords, filler, rubber mat, shower curtains, slider, straps, taffeta fabric, tarpaulins, threads, trapal, zipper

Basically, they sell everything.


Featured Store: Weave and Stitch Marketing (formerly Carmen Mendoza Store)

27 Jul

Location: Pasillo V #4 Yangco Building, 791 Ylaya Street

Telephone number: 241-9538

Fax number: 931-3347

Mobile number: 0917-817-0135

Weave & Stitch’s Specialties: jute, burlap, fibers, jute rope, handmade paper, twine, wooden beads, handwoven fabric, banig, natural products

The owner of the place was really nice (I forgot to ask for her name, though.)

She also taught me that what is usually called “burlap” on Pinterest isn’t really burlap — this is:


She sells that for P180/roll, which contains 10 pieces.

She did also sell what is usually called burlap on Pinterest, which is actually jute, which was only P60/yard:


She also sells what she called grafia fiber (I think?) for P95/kg:


She also sells jute rope, which I found pretty cool. She said it was P650/bundle:


She also sells what looks like fancy banig material (I didn’t catch the name), for P850/roll (and each roll contains 9-10 yards):


She sells handwoven fabric, which varies in price:


Another cool thing she sells is handmade paper, at P30/piece. They were large sheets:


I’m not sure what you call it, but you see this kind of “woven ribbon” all around Divisoria. She had it in all colors and sold it for 35/roll for the local stuff, and P75/roll for the fancy stuff. Each roll contains 10 yards:



Last but not least, she sells all kinds of twine. She sells paper twine for P250-350/kg (depending on the thickness), and abaca twine for P180-200/kg (also depending on thickness).


She also sells all kinds of braided/woven rope. Didn’t ask for the price, but check out how many varieties they have:


There was a store just a few stalls away that had many of the same products, though the store was larger, which meant the salespeople were too busy to accommodate all my questions. Take a look at some of their products:





Oh, and a lot of stores in the area also sold wooden hoops. Still not quite sure what they’re for, but I’m sure they’d be useful for DIY projects!


Hope this helps!

Featured Store: Anding’s Toys and Flowers Incorporated

17 Jul

So I know it’s been a few months and, for that, I’m terribly sorry. I had no idea how time-consuming blogging is! So, instead of just never updating my blog, I’ve decided to change it up a little.

From now on, I’ll only feature certain stores, and not give such a detailed run-down on the different prices and availability of certain items. This is to make this blog more manageable. Besides, it’s meant to be a general guide for Divisoria — it’d be impossible to include all the nitty-gritty details about that wonderful, chaotic area of town.

The store I’m featuring today is ANDING’S TOYS AND FLOWERS.

Here is their “calling card” that features the locations and numbers of all their branches:

anding's calling card

The one I went to is at the 3rd Floor of Primeblock Tutuban, which is also walking distance from Lucky Chintatown. Though I recommend just parking in Tutuban itself if you’re going to buy a lot of things. Another option is to take the PNR train directly to Tutuban Station.

Tutuban Mall is HUGE, and not everyone there will know where Anding’s is. To find it, just locate Ace Hardware Express (the guards should all know where that is), and go up to the 3rd Level. You’ll see it.

In case you can’t read it, here is their contact info at Tutuban:

Telephone numbers: 775-1942, 359-6408, 523-7545

Mobile number: 0922-825-4629

Anding’s specialties include: artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial flower petals, Christmas decorations, twigs, glass vases, small clay pots, paper lanterns, Japanese paper poms, fake fruits, toys (including hats, banners, etc.)

Basically, Anding’s is party-planning central. Though I don’t believe you can get balloons there (more on that later), this is a DIY party planner’s heaven.

Here are some pictures of items that can be found there (please excuse my shaky hand):

2013-07-15 17.01.36


These rocks were about P20/pack:

2013-07-15 17.01.55

The shells were P35/pack:
2013-07-15 17.02.32

2013-07-15 17.02.45

2013-07-15 17.02.57

2013-07-15 17.04.12

2013-07-15 17.04.28

2013-07-15 17.04.44

These frames ran between P35 and P45 a piece. They didn’t have any giant ones, though.

2013-07-15 17.05.33

Their paper lanterns were cheaper than other places I looked at. These giant ones were P88. The medium ones were P71.50 and the small ones (basically the size you usually find at malls) were only P55.

2013-07-15 17.06.14

2013-07-15 17.08.31

Not sure why someone would need them, but they had all kinds of fake fruits:

2013-07-15 17.10.00

I found this giant pom gorgeous, but was disheartened when I found out it was P850 (apparently it depends on the kind of paper used, not just the size):

2013-07-15 17.10.10

2013-07-15 16.58.34

They had all kinds of Christmas tree decorations (and even Christmas trees, come to think of it). These packs of 6 were around P110-P200 each.

2013-07-15 17.00.27


It’s hard to tell by the picture, but they had all kinds of glass vases (including the simple though beautiful centerpiece type):

2013-07-15 17.01.12

2013-07-15 17.01.19

2013-07-15 17.01.29


Hope this was helpful. Enjoy your bargain-hunting! 🙂

Tabora Street Part II: from Claro M. Recto back to Sta. Elena

21 Oct

Hello there, readers.

I’m back! I’m here to write the continuation of my first post about Tabora Street (click here to see it).

In my previous entry, I featured 7 stores that can all be found along the stretch walking from Sta. Elena to Claro M. Recto.

Today, I’m going to feature 4 stores that will be on your right side walking back towards 168 from Recto, as well as one store that’s across from New Divisoria Mall on M. De Santos. I’ll also include some random, unique finds that I found along the street.

Featured Stores:

1. Bonyee Merchandising

Specialty: lace

Address: 873 Tabora Street

Contact numbers: 245-8970; 245-8971; fax 243-2139

Email address: bymerchandising@yahoo.com

This store actually sold many other things but what makes it special is that this seems to be the store for lace.

They had all kinds of lace:

They literally had walls of lace:

2. Everson Modiste Center

Specialty: reflective material, patterned/printed ribbon, Rosary beads

Address: 869 Tabora Street

Contact numbers: 242-1127; 243-2380; 245-4909; fax 310-1011; 0918-577-9490; 0917-631-2619

Email address: myeverson@gmail.com

Everson is another of those nice, air-conditioned, organized stores. Three things made it stand out.

First of all, they were the only store I saw that sold many different kinds of reflective material. If I ever decide to be a cruel mother and sew some orange reflective material onto my children’s clothing, I’ll be glad I noticed the stuff (see the bottom row of merchandise in the picture):

Secondly, as you can see in the picture, they also had many different kinds of ribbon. They seemed to have a wider variety of ribbons than other stores, especially when it came to ribbons with prints or patterns:

Lastly, they also had many beads and other things necessary for Rosary-making:

3. Wellmanson Sewing Notion

Specialties: all things sewing

Address: 855 Tabora Street

Contact numbers: 243-2120; 247-0758; 243-6162; fax 243-2381; fax 241-9185

Email address: wellmanson8@hotmail.com

This store  is another nice, clean, air-conditioned option if you’re looking for a “hassle-free” experience on Tabora Street. It was busy, but the staff  seemed friendly, helpful and organized. They even had a baggage counter.

The first thing I noticed was that they had all shapes and sizes of those googly eyes that you glue onto school projects:

They also had a huge selection of chains:

They had beads/rhinestones/buttons/sequins galore:

Last but not least, I also noticed that they allowed shoppers to use shopping baskets. I just found that nice and nifty, as well as practical:

4. Tapat ng Morning Glory

Specialty: aprons

Address: (according to Kuya Choi, the helpful shopkeeper to whom I spoke) “329 Tabora, tapat ng Morning Glory”

So this isn’t really a store, but I had to feature it because they sold the cheapest aprons I’ve ever encountered. I used to buy my aprons somewhere near Tutuban, but the starting price was always P50 and I haggled it down to P40 only because I bought 20 of them. Here, at Kuya Choi’s store, the exact same plain aprons started at P35 (and Kuya Choi said I could haggle them down).

Kuya Choi was so helpful that he even volunteered to model the aprons:

They had this kind, and others, in all colors:

Kuya Choi also showed me their waterproof aprons, which were only P50:

They also had plenty of printed aprons:

5. “The Recycled Bottle Store”

Specialty: recycled bottles and jars

Note: This is NOT along Tabora Street. It was just such a unique find and I found it on the same day that I set out to explore Tabora Street, so I had to feature it here.

“Address”: Across Metrobank (the one inside New Divisoria Mall), along M. De Santos Street

This store sold bottles galore, including these McCormick bottles that would be really useful if you wanted all of your spices to match but didn’t buy the same brand all the time:

They also had fancy bottles, such as the Carlo Rossi bottles (if you’re into Pinterest, you’ll understand why I appreciate such random things):

They had these common jars with the yellow caps, which were P4-P6 each depending on size:

They had all kinds and sizes of bottles, including these ones that were only P300 for 100 of them:

Believe me when I say they had all kinds of recycled bottles. Forget Beabi (half-kidding), this store had it all:

Random Finds:

  • They had many random printing stores outside on the street:

  • Because I went in mid-October, the street was full of Halloween costumes. These tridents and axes started at P50:

  • They also had plain and decorated masks, which would be great for parties. The brown eye-masks were only P15 and the white masks (as well as the decorated versions) were only P25:

  • There were also these pretty glass bead pieces that I thought were absolutely lovely (they were making them on the spot, too):

  • They also had all sorts of customizable wedding souvenirs, which weren’t so much to my liking, though:

  • They did have cute paper scroll holders, like these ones that were only P18:

  • There was one lady selling these really cool oil candles. How it works is, you put water in a glass, then some oil (any kind), then these “candles”/floating-burning-devices, and the flame will stay on until you’re out of oil. Ingenious! They were only P10 each. I got 3 of them for P25:

  • The street was also already full of Christmas decorations. I didn’t want to feature it here since it’s a seasonal kind of thing but if you are going to Divisoria in search of Christmas decorations, this is your place. They have trees, wreaths, lights, parols, angels and everything else you can think of:

  • I also found this wicker vase beautiful, and it was only P200:

  • Lastly, they had plenty of something that other people may find useless but I find extremely trendy and useful in home-decorating: twigs. These are useful for when you want to display all those pretty vases and jars you have, even when you don’t have fresh flowers. They also have that homey, earthy vibe:

  • This stall wasn’t on Tabora Street (the only one of my random finds not on Tabora Street), but I bought a giant piece of tarp there and figured I should post about it so I won’t forget where it’s located. This stall selling tarpaulin is located at the corner of Recto and Carmen Planas. Apparently, they make beach chairs, tents and different kinds of giant umbrellas. To get any of these made, contact Joel at 0949-331-9306:

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that ends my two-part feature on Tabora Street! Hope you enjoyed it.

My next adventure will be in Quiapo, Manila. I plan to tell you all about my favorite store on C. Palanca — New Sin Kian Heng.

Happy bargain-hunting!