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Wedding Supplier Finds in 168 Mall

27 Jul

I chanced upon two wedding suppliers who I thought were unique when I was walking near Robinson’s Supermarket in 168. I thought I’d share them with you.

#1: My Wedding Options

This place was unique because it was basically a “one-stop shop” for all wedding needs.

The girls there were really nice and happy to answer all my questions. They handed me fliers for ALL kinds of suppliers, including sound system providers, caterers, car rental companies, hair and make up artists, event managers, musicians, photographers, videographers, and bakeshops that make wedding cakes.

This is what the place looked like:




Now what REALLY caught my attention was this: CUSTOM-MADE SHOES. I’ve always wanted shoes made just for me, and I finally found people who do it! Take a look:



You can go to their Facebook page for more information: My Wedding Options on Facebook

#2: Jannah & Keith Fashion Boutique

I don’t even have pictures of the place (I had the feeling they weren’t allowed), but I HAD to include this here. I have seen many seamstresses and many gowns around Divisoria, but these were, by far, the classiest and best quality. The seams were perfect, the designs were timeless, and, best of all, Cherry Beruela, the proprietress and seamstress herself (though of course she has a team), was SO nice. Apparently she worked for a designer before, and that’s why she takes great pride in the quality of her work. She said the cheapest bridal gown she ever made was P6,500, and the most expensive so far has been P30,000. I asked her why her gowns were so much more expensive than the P3,000-P12,000 ones in the area, and she explained that she makes the gowns herself and so she can vouch for their quality. She took the time to show me the seams and everything, and I was honestly very impressed.

Luckily, her made-to-order “bridesmaid gowns” (or flower girl or sponsor gowns… or just any gowns, if you’re looking for something for a wedding you’re attending) start at just P1,500. Most of the ones she had on display were made of chiffon. Obviously, the price will vary depending on the fabric you choose.

Also, another plus of Cherry’s store is that it’s located in a clean, nice, open, safe area in Divisoria. I doubt you’d want to bring your whole bridal party to a stall in Ylaya (if you are — good for you, that’s awesome!). So here’s (what I think is) a better alternative. I’m definitely going back to Cherry when I want to get a dress made.

Here is the store’s information:

Location: 168 Shopping Mall Stall LGE-05 (near Robinson’s Supermarket)

Email: cherryberuela@yahoo.com

Telephone number: 881-0147

Mobile numbers: 0917-747-0647; 0999-373-4488

Hope this info is useful!